Investment Clinic

Take Advantage of the Knightsbridge Place Free Investment Clinic

Before we begin, we’d like you to consider the following questions:

Has it been more than six months since you last spoke with your current advisor?

Do you have any suspended funds in your portfolio?

Has it been six to nine months (or longer) since your portfolio was reviewed?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then it may be time for you to get a second opinion on your financial portfolio. If you are concerned that your portfolio is not receiving the attention it needs to thrive, the advisors at Knightsbridge are here to help.

Unfortunately, there are far too many unscrupulous brokers in operation, some are allowing their clients to invest in funds that later become suspended. This means the client can not access the fund sometimes for upto several years and more often than not the client will lose some or all of their initial investment.

At Knightsbridge, our primary responsibility is to help you build a strong and secure financial future. We understand that our clients rely on our advisors to provide them with guidance and to help them manage their portfolio on an ongoing basis. For each individual client we tailor a specific investment strategy based on their personal circumstances and requirements. We ensure that these are constantly adjusted to meet the clients ever changing needs.

You may have funds within your portfolio that have a much higher risk rating than your personal circumstances permit. For example it may be that you are close to retirement and you are holding high risk assets suitable for capital growth, not capital preservation and income. If we were to a see a downturn in markets you would expect to see losses to the fund value, and due to being close to retirement this will have a significantly negative impact on the amount available to provide you with an income. If however you have recently had your portfolio rebalanced by an advisor, you would have less exposure to volatile assets, and more exposure to more secure and less volatile assets, minimising the loss of capital in your retirement pot during the times of a market downturn.

If you haven’t spoken to your advisor recently – or if you haven’t reviewed your portfolio – how can you be certain that your investments are working as hard as they possibly could be? Contact Knightsbridge now to eliminate the shadow of any doubt with our free investment clinic.

How to Know If a Financial Advisor Is Representing Your Best Interests

Are you concerned that your financial advisor may be taking advantage of you? Here are four tell-tale signs to watch for:

1. Excessive Trading through a Client’s Account

Also known as churning, excessive trading through a client’s account is an unethical sales practice. On the surface, it may look similar to active trading, which is not unethical – but a fine line separates the two. When an investor is keen to generate commissions, they will look for excuses to actively trade at their client’s expense. Excessive trading almost always results in more charges than are necessary, and the commission generated – which benefit the advisor – comes directly out of the client’s pocket.

2. Putting a Client In High-Cost Investments

Clients are often unaware that the fund they are purchasing has an entry fee and an annual management charge  – both of which are determined as a percentage of the amount invested. Their advisors may not always disclose these fees. The reality is that there are usually cheaper alternatives that are free to enter and offer significantly lower management fees. At Knightsbridge we always operate with 100 percent transparency. In the interest of our clients, we only offer funds at net asset value (NAV), which means there will be no entry fee and no excessive annual management charges. This has an enormous impact on the compounding effect of your net returns.

3. Poor Knowledge, Incompetence or Lack of Due Diligence

Many clients mistakenly assume that their financial advisors spend most of the day doing investment research and due diligence on the products they sell to their clients. The stark reality is that most advisors focus on client management and business development, and often choose the highest paying commission fund, as opposed the best value fund for the client. Some companies will employ advisors with little or no experience or qualifications, putting the client at risk. At Knightsbridge, we have a dedicated team of financial analysts and experts as well as a wealth of experience in the field. This ensures you are only exposed to quality investments at the lowest possible cost.

4. Poorly Diversified Portfolio

A poorly diversified (or poorly assembled) portfolio is what you end up with when you consistently receive bad advice. Financial products like this can take many different forms. Perhaps your portfolio concentrates on too few stocks or sectors – leaving you exposed to unreasonable risk. Or maybe your portfolio spans too many sectors, resulting in mediocre performance. Meanwhile, an overly complex portfolio can be difficult to manage, and the risks it is exposed to may not even be apparent. In any of these cases, the best-case outcome is going to be an underperforming portfolio, and it only gets worse from there.

Let Knightsbridge Turn Your Investment Portfolio Around

Bad financial advice directly affects your bottom line. Whether you’re choosing a new advisor or simply evaluating your existing one, be mindful of the warning signs. If you suspect that your advisor is not representing your best interests – or is not as skilled or competent as they ought to be – then it’s time to get a second opinion. This is your money, after all, and you have the final say in how it’s handled and invested.

At Knightsbridge, we’re acutely aware of the toll that bad advisors and investments take on investors. Previous victims of poor advice keep coming to us, desperate to turn their investment prospects around. Due to this surging demand, we’ve set up a free investment clinic that you can take advantage of.

The advisors at Knightsbridge can review your portfolio free of charge and let you know if you are currently dealing with any suspended funds. If you are, they’ll advise you on how to get as much of your money back as possible.

We can also provide you with a free risk evaluation, in which an advisor will administer a risk questionnaire in order to ascertain your risk profile. They will then cross-reference this with your current portfolio to ensure that your risk attitude matches the current level of risk in your portfolio.

If you’re looking for a second opinion, or for help restructuring your portfolio, please contact Knightsbridge. One of our advisors will be happy to assist.