Wealth Management

The world of investments, funds and portfolios can all seem quite daunting to the average investor. Deciding on how much to invest and what to choose can often be a minefield, with an abundance of choice, and so much at stake, coupled with todays turbulent environment only makes these choices even more difficult.

Here at Knightsbridge Place, we specialise in the protection, preservation and growth of your wealth. We help you cut through the jargon and enable you to understand your options in order to meet your financial objectives; whether they are to grow your fund, preserve your capital in order to draw an income at retirement, or minimise the tax payable.

Whether you are an ultra high net worth individual, or someone just starting out on the road to securing your financial future, obtaining the right advice and placing your hard-earned money in the best possible investments to match your own personal financial goals is crucial. A qualified financial advisor is the stepping-stone you need to understand the process.


Regular Savings Plans

Saving surplus income on a regular or monthly basis, very much like a pension, is a very common way to build your wealth. You are able to take advantage of ‘dollar cost averaging’ as well building a pot of money from scratch. These plans can often be from as short as 5 years, and can allow flexibility such as taking a premium holiday, increasing or decreasing your premium amount, as well as taking a lump sum out of the plan in times of need.


Lump Sum Investments / Offshore Bonds

If you have a cash lump sum sat in your bank earning hardly any interest, or other investments that aren’t performing to your satisfaction, then it may be time to look at alternative options.
One option would be an offshore bond – these are provided by Life Insurance companies and are sometimes referred to as ‘wrappers’, much like an empty bucket that you fill with the various investments that you want to keep all in one place.

This type of bond has several advantages:

All administration of the funds are in one place, in one policy.

The life companies generally have certain buying powers in order to acquire funds at significantly reduced rates, when being compared to an individual buying the same fund directly.

An offshore bond typically will allow almost all types of investment type, allowing you to fully diversify your portfolio.

In some circumstances an offshore bond can be used to help with reducing tax liabilities, or as an efficient tool in tax planning.

Expert Wealth Management from Knightsbridge Independent Financial Advisors

If you’re just getting started in the world of investments, the vast array of products, variables and considerations can be overwhelming. How do you choose one fund over another; and what actually goes into structuring a portfolio? With so many options – and nothing short of your long-term wealth at stake – a person can be forgiven for having doubts about how to get started as an investor.

At Knightsbridge, we understand that our clients don’t take the prospect of investing lightly. The global market has been especially turbulent in recent years, and it’s plain to see that financial missteps or a failure to see where current trends are heading could easily lead to significant financial losses. Determining where and how much to invest is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and we’re prepared to help you make it.

The experts at Knightsbridge specialise in preserving and growing our clients’ wealth. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to have a background in economics or trading in order to benefit from current market conditions. To that extent, we aim to cut out the industry jargon and make wealth management accessible to everyone.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your financial journey. If you’re just getting started with investing, we’ll work with you to establish and realise your long-term financial objectives. If you’re an ultra high net worth individual looking for ways to diversify or increase your returns, we’ll help you understand your options, give you access to exclusive instruments and introduce you private banking products.

Why Seek the Advice of an Independent Financial Advisor?

Are you unsure whether or not you should seek the services of an Independent Financial Advisor? Here are 10 common reasons that our clients approach us for financial advice:


Consolidate a collection of different assets which may be held in multiple locations, allowing for ease of management and reduces costs.


Commission a review of an underperforming portfolio when you suspect that your current financial advisor has mismanaged it.


Cut down on the time spent managing your existing portfolio, or reduce the administrative hassle associated with it.


Ensure that your assets will go to the correct beneficiaries when you pass away, with minimum tax payable.


Set up definitive plans for investment or retirement, a process that involves a review of your current investment arrangement and existing pension scheme.


Learn more about the ins and outs of efficient investing, with a particular aim of ensuring greater tax efficiency over time.


Seek guidance on how to invest a large sum of money that has been released through the sale of a business or property.


Consolidate your cash-flow considerations and expenditures so that you can more efficiently and effectively plan for your financial future.


Create a strategic tax plan to manage your assets and reduce your tax liabilities.


Ensure that you have set up the proper financial structures to manage major life events – everything from buying a house to having children or starting a business.

Here’s How Knightsbridge Financial Advisors Can Help You Manage Your Wealth

There are a few reasons to consider reaching out to an independent financial advisor. At Knightsbridge, we’re prepared to offer tailored advice in any of the following situations.

Establish a Regular Savings Plan

One of the single most effective ways to accumulate wealth over time is to put away surplus income on a monthly basis. This is the idea behind establishing a pension, but it’s not always necessary to set up a pension fund to achieve this. Our advisors can help you structure your savings according to your preferred timeframe so that you can enjoy higher rates of return and have more wealth to work with in the near or distant future.

Investing a Lump Sum

In the above list, we mentioned a few situations in which you may find yourself with a lump sum of money to manage:

  • Being the beneficiary of an inheritance
  • Selling a business
  • Selling a property
  • Accumulation of savings

In situations like this, it’s important to determine early on how you plan to manage and invest these funds. There are several options available to structure these investments and generate a healthy return. We can advise you on the available options and guide you to the best decision.

Knowing How to Time an Investment

One of the most difficult aspects of investing is knowing when and how to invest your wealth so that it generates the highest possible returns in line with your risk profile. The professionals at Knightsbridge will work with you to ensure that your financial assets are exposed to financial instruments which perfectly fit your personal criteria. We’ll continually re-evaluate these methods and their timing to ensure that you enjoy optimal investment growth and protection.

Increasing Returns on Your Savings

If you don’t have an extensive background in investment and financial advisory services, it can be difficult to know whether your current investment portfolio is really delivering the returns that it could be. We always initiate new clients with a full financial review to reveal inefficiencies in their current financial set-up and offer advice on how to improve this situation.

Simplifying the Management of Your Assets

If you have a lump sum to invest that exceeds a relatively modest threshold, Knightsbridge can make your life simpler. As a client of Knightsbridge, you’ll enjoy privileged status with some of the leading financial institutions in the world. We’ll also provide you with increased flexibility in how you can save and invest.

Ensuring Your Financial Goals Are on Track

One of the greatest risks you face in long-term investment is losing track of the current performance of your portfolio. Little by little, your financial progress could be eroding, meaning you’ll ultimately end up with less than you need at retirement. Our advisors will periodically review your savings and investments to ensure that you are putting away the right amount each month in light of the latest economic developments. This is a built-in aspect of our service that we provide free of charge.

Increasing Your Existing Assets

Wealth management is all about making your money grow – both as a hedge against inflation and to secure a brighter financial future and legacy. Our core objective is to ensure that our clients’ portfolios are managed inline with their own personal requirements; there is no one size fits all when it comes to investing. We’ll keep a vigilant eye on your portfolio balance and constantly monitor markets to make your money reach its full potential.

The fact that we’re an independent financial advisory firm means that you can trust us to represent your best interests – not those of a third-party bank or other institution. Our own success is dependent upon that of our clients, and that means you’ll receive reliable, up to date financial guidance.

Contact Knightsbridge Place for Tailored Wealth Management 

At Knightsbridge, we understand that circumstances change and evolve – both in terms of financial markets and our clients’ lives and personal situations. In light of this, we strive to provide advice that is both in touch with the current economic climate and sensitive to the needs and goals of each individual we work with.

When you choose Knightsbridge as your financial advisor, you receive a genuine ally in your financial future – without the need to give up control over your own assets. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to increase your wealth and secure your financial future.