About Us

Knightsbridge Place

Knightsbridge Place is unique in the world of financial advisory companies. We are not owned by a financial institution or life insurance company – as is the case with so many other firms. Instead, we’re a proudly independent, impartial and international firm that stands apart from the competition.

Our team of financial consultants are highly experienced and offer professional and personal financial consultancy services that are tailored to the unique circumstances, goals and objectives of each client.

What We Do

At Knightsbridge Place, our primary function is to help our clients make financial preparations for the challenges that life may throw at them. We offer a range of tailored financial consultancy services designed around your specific requirements – with a view to protect and grow your wealth.

Over time, we have built trust through the consistent delivery of exceptional service, as well as providing products that suit the clients needs; whether that be to reduce tax liabilities, generate an income from a lump sum, or help save for a future goal such as retirement. Our advisors work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the results they need in order to have a secure financial future.

A Tailored Approach

Our tailored approach requires listening and responding to our clients’ financial goals and objectives. Once we have a thorough understanding of what is required, we will propose investment options and alternatives focused on achieving the goals of the client, in the most efficient way.

The focus of our business is you, the client; the services we offer, the way we work down to the tiniest detail are aimed at helping you manage your wealth to enjoy life and provide the future you and your loved ones dream of. We aim to provide ‘The best service, the best value and the best information’, to help our clients make smarter more profitable returns.

Our Dedicated team of Wealth Managers guarantee continuity of service wherever you are in the world.